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Želeja Nutrend CarboSnack tube 55g

2.20 EUR 1.54 EUR

Energy gel intended for fast energy supply with addition of taurine and glycine. Simple sugars dominate (fast energy) in combination with maltodextrin in practical packaging of a tube that can be re-opened several times. Does Not Contain Any Fat.

Intended for: fast energy supply during exercise. Energy potential enhancement. Overcoming the energy crises.

  • Predomination Of Quick, Simple Sugars
  • Does Not Contain Any Fat
  • 2 Types Of Package – Tube And Sachet

Recommended dosage: in case of need, use it during activity. Be sure to wash it down well enough! Maximum 4 tubes per day. Children over 3 years of age – 1/2 the tube per day.

Intended for special nutrition. Suitable for sportsmen. It is not suitable for children below the age of 3. Keep out of reach of children! It does not contain substances of doping character. Store in a dry place, at the temperature below 30 °C and out of reach of direct sun radiation. Producer is not liable for any damages caused by improper usage or storage.

Garša: apricot | blueberry | bitter lemon | green apple