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Uztura bagātinātājs Nutrend MagnesLife 25ml

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MagnesLife is a highly effective liquid form of magnesium for the muscle spasm prevention and emergency solution.

The liquid form ensures the maximum quick effect and the organic carriers of magnesium ions guarantee high utilization and absorbency. Practical packaging of one-shot doses enables the usage just when the first signs of spasm occur during the performance.

MagnesLife, dietary supplement, with sweeteners.

Intended for:

  • Sportsmen And People With High Physical Stress
  • Relaxation Of Neuro-Muscular Tension, Regeneration And Overall Relaxation
  • Individuals With Predisposition To Latent Tetany
  • Magnesium Supplementation After Alcohol Consumption
  • Use In Stress Situations And In Case Of An Increased Mental Strain


Characteristics of effective substances:

Magnesium Mg. This mineral belongs among the most important mineral substances necessary for life that cannot be produced by the body itself. Therefore we are entirely dependent on magnesium intake from food. Its deficiency causes neuro-muscular and muscle spasms. Among others magnesium supports bone metabolism, protects from sedimentation of excess calcium into soft tissue (heart, kidneys, vessel walls), stimulates antibody formation and increases immunity. The addition of water-soluble vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), which must be continuously supplied from food sources, supports the magnesium passing through the cell membrane into the cell interior, which helps to regulate the amount of magnesium in cells.

Recommended dosage:

  • The Basic Dose – 1 Drinkable Phial During The Day, Preferably Before Bedtime.
  • During Preparation For A Prolonged Physical Activity Use 2 – 3 Days Before Expected Performance Before Bedtime.
  • In Case Of A Prolonged And Demanding Activity Always Have A Dose Along With You And Use It Immediately When The First Signs Of Spasm Occur.
  • Maximal Dosing Is 1 Phial (25 Ml) Daily.
  • It Is Necessary To Consult With A Doctor Suitability Of A Product For Children Above 3 Years.
  • Do Not Exceed Recommended Daily Dosage.



  • Pour The Phial Content Into Your Mouth Or Dilute The Content With Water.
  • Drink Down With Water Or Hypotonic Drink Only.
  • Milk Or Alcoholic Drinks Are Not Suitable For Preparation.
  • Once Opened, The Phial Content Should Be Consumed Within 24 Hours At The Latest.
  • Shake Before Use!
  • Possible Mild Sediment Is A Natural Characteristic Of The Product And Is Not A Bad Sign.

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