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SHULZ E200 Long Black

309.95 EUR 263.46 EUR

Do you want to ride like an electric scooter as much as a kick scooter? This model is perfect for you! With this scooter, you do not have any distance limits, if the battery has run out, you can continue to ride on your own by kicking without feeling any obstacles.

Shulz Long is one of a few electric scooters that you can ride with your foot. If you want to just ride a scooter with your family or play sports - you can safely do it. At any time by pressing 3 times on the rear wing (brake), you turn on the electric drive. It works on a cruise control system. The scooter repeats the speed that you set to it. The maximum speed is 20km / h and minimum 7km / hour. The maximum load of the scooter is 150 kg. The driving distance per person is 80-100kg in the distance of 15-18 km. The weight of the scooter is 9 kg, and it folds very easily in a moment, which makes the scooter compact. The steering wheel is adjustable, the handles fold as well. A big difference from other models is that the steering wheel does not get stuck and gives confidence to the ride.

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